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Friday, July 31, 2009

Shopping on Rodeo!!

7:30am is early for me these days. I generally get out of bed at 8am when Carter gets up. But today, I was backing out of the driveway at 7:26am. Why? Because of a text my mother sent me. Where was I going? The Mesquite Rodeo.

I know.

But let me explain. I was wearing flipflops, not boots and I left my giant belt buckle at home. We were going for a GIANT consignment sale. I know what you're thinking. Well, I know what I thought. Icky, dirty garage sale. Until I got on the website. This sale is run by a charity. Everything that is sold is inspected by people working the event and nothing that has rips or stains or is just icky will be sold there. This is in the exhibit hall of the Rodeo. Basically a HUGE warehouse. I am telling you people there was so much stuff there it was unreal. And it started Thursday. And prior to Thursday they had 2 presales. So this thing had been picked over 3 days in a row and there was still mountains, literally mountains, of toys, clothes, carseats, highchairs, bouncy chairs, breastpumps, ride-on toys, swings, backyard toys, pack n' plays, cribs, changing tables, etc. Anything you could imagine for kids young and old, really. And it was ORGANIZED! Clothes on hangers and sorted by size. Toys grouped together. All highchairs together. All carseats together... you get the idea. It was GREAT!!

I walked out of there with 2 huge backs of clothes, toys and games for my little guys. We were playing the over/under game on how much I spent before I checked out. KNOWING the great deals I was getting, I was still guessing at LEAST $300. Nope. $190. I got a TON of stuff. Good stuff. Stuff that was brand new with tags or in the original, unopened package.

Here's the link to the website.


I am TOTALLY selling stuff in it in the fall and I will be volunteering, as well, because the volunteers get a first pick presale. They have EVERYTHING. I highly recommend checking it out. If for no other reason than 30% of the price goes to charity... the rest going to the seller, of course. AND if you're selling something, there's no work involved. You register, tag with their barcode system, and then you can track your stuff ONLINE. You'll be able to login and see what of yours has sold. So cool.

So. What'd I get?

I got these toys for Carter...

Rolling, light up colors and number turtle...

A soft puppy book, brand new teething ring in package, and a animals and letters floor puzzle.

Leap Frog Learn and Groove Musical Table

Laugh and Learn Playhouse (Back)

Laugh and Learn Playhouse (Front)

And I got him these clothes. These are OUTFITS people. All those shirts (except 2) have shorts or pants behind them. I got one shirt, new with tags, for $1. You can't beat that.

I got these toys for Trenton...

Pizza Pile Up Game. (This is really cute and fun!)

Scooby Doo 3D board game

Romote Control Robot Dog (It even lifts it's leg, lol)

Monster Book

I got Trenton these clothes. All in GREAT condition, lots new. Several super cute sweaters for fall.

What a satisfying shopping day!!

After all the shopping fun, Mom and I went to get a pedicure and I wanted to get my hair trimmed. Last minute, I decided to just chop it all off. I mean all of it. I cut 10 inches off my hair. TEN. That's drastic. But. It's all healthy. And not as hot and sweaty. My head feels lighter. And I am really looking forward to all the time I'm going to get back by not having to blow dry my hair for 15 minutes. Then straighten it. Then curl the ends. Only to have it frizz up because of the damage.


After (Please note: I am exhausted and took this picture sitting at my desk after a long day. It looks cuter when it's fixed and "fluffed")


Stephanie Warner said...


Nicole said...

Just to warn you... After a few weeks, you're going to really HATE that toy turtle - it doesn't shut up and goes through about 10 rounds of songs and sounds each time you accidentally hit a button. We USED TO have one... ;)

Love the hair!

KRiSTiN said...

So what you're saying is that we should "accidently" lose the batteries? :D

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