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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Sucktastic.  That's what last night was.

Trenton got in trouble at school.  Bad trouble.  Inexcusable trouble.  I was LI-VID when I read the note from his teacher.

He got a spanking.  The first one I've given him in a LONG time.  (Now is not the time for any "spanking squelches a child's personality" bullshit.  I'm in NO mood and while I respect other people's opinions, I'm not polling for parenting advice.)  He cried.  I was extremely upset.  I was angry at his behavior and feeling like I had to spank him upset me... which made me more angry.

Great way to end the night.

But it gets better!

I called my husband on the way to work this morning.  I had a missed call from him.  He tells me my car doors were wide open this morning when he left.  Greatness.  Some punk bitch got into my car last night.  I probably left my doors unlocked.  But you try carrying your purse, diaper bag, 10 month old, etc. in the house AND locking the door.  I should mention that I don't have keyless entry.  But the time I hit the driveway, I'm mentally dead.  So yes, I probably left my doors unlocked.  That sounds like me.  But did I need a lecture, no.  Kiss my ass, Captain Obvious.

It's been on of THOSE days.

My camera, the little pink digital one, NOT my Nikon, is missing.  It was in the console of my car.  As I drove to work I LITERALLY killed 16 mesquitos who'd entered and taken up residence in my car at some point during the night.  Hurray.

Then when I left Carter this morning, he flat out cried.  Raised his arms to be picked up and sobbed.  He is normally grumpy when I leave, but the crying had stopped.

THAT is how my day started.

No wine at home, so I don't predict any drastic improvement, either.


Stephanie Warner said...

Girl...I am so sorry to hear you are having one of THOSE days! Funny thing is....I am too! Long story short, one of our cars is in the shop and money just flat out SUCKS lately. Period....that is all I have to say! Hope things get better for ya soon!

S. Brook Bell said...

When it rains it pours!!!! So sorry!

The Barbers said...

That ENTIRE STORY SUKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn!!

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