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Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Moment of Madness

Call me crazy, but when I check my facebook friend updates to see how my peeps are doing and I see pictures of my exhusband's totaled (literally) car posted, I get a little anxious.  Trenton spends every 1st, 3rd, and if there's a 5th weekend with his Daddy.  The do things.  Go places.  DRIVE everywhere.  Obviously, anyone can be in an accident.  I'm not even saying this one was his fault.  I don't know what happened.  But I know of several that have been his fault.  Driving too fast while on the phone.  It makes me cringe.  If Trenton HAD been with him this weekend, would he still have been in the accident?  Or the more jolting question, would he be ok?

I'm like this with everything.  His dad takes him to the water park and if I know ahead of time, it's in the back of my mind all weekend.  I worry that he'll drown.  Bad weather while he's with his dad and I'm positive that his dad won't be aware of the situation and a tornado will sweep him away.  I'm THAT mom.  I actually worried that Trenton would get West Nile because his dad wouldn't think to put bug repellent on him.

I think it's the element of being out of control.  When he's with ME, I know that I'm doing everything I can to keep him safe.  I'm over protective.  It's what I do.  I protect him.  I could still get into a car accident, yes.  But I'm a FAR safer driver with the kids in the car than I am without.  So in my own mind, they're safer.  Do I know that's semi-irrational?  Yes?  Can I help it?  No.  Do I find conversational questions answered by the asker annoying?  Yes.  Sorry.

Anyway, that's my craziness of the moment.  My urge to lock Trenton away, so he doesn't get sucked into the Danger Zone of my exhusband's driving.  Lol.


Mom and I videoed a wedding this weekend.  Our main goal is photography, but they paid, so we videoed.  It was fun.  I like being a guest at a wedding more than a vendor, but it was nice.  Makes me want to have another wedding.  Dinner and dancing and vow renewal.  Flowers and music and just having fun.  That's what I think gets missed the first time.  The focus on the fun.  All the planning and dealing you have to do as a bride.  Bah!  The second time, it'd be more fun, right?  Because, you're already married.  No pressure.  Who cares?  Just rededicate yourself to one another and bring on the dance floor and the booze!  I really want to do this eventually.  But we'll see.  I imagine I'll get old and just forget about it, lol.


Trenton's first Cub Scout Pack meeting is tonight.  The Den usually meets, but the Pack is all the boys of all ages in this district.  They have these meetings once a month, I think?  Anyway, the whole family gets invited, so Carter and I get to go, too.  I'm pretty excited.  I wanna see him in action.

I have a pretty serious rock session going on in my office right now, and I can't sing along while typing, so I'll leave you to your whatnot.  Happy Monday.  Enjoy the spectacular weather!  

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The Barbers said...

Oh that first bit is SO me... I am CONSTANTLY wondering if T is ok when he's not with me. Like is his diaper tight enough, did he take a full bottle, did Holt lock him into his car seat well, did they apply lotion to his little legs so that nasty ezcema won't come back, etc... I think it's a mom thing and I think we are fabulous! LOL

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