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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fall Fun

The Fall Festival at Trenton's elementary school.  Sure it was 90 degrees.  Forget that we got slightly sunburned.  And, ok, there was no... and I mean NO Fall decorations (not a pumpkin one, lol).  But Trenton had a good time.  It just wasn't very autumn-ish.   
Carter is ticket rich!

Trenton in the bounce house.

The cake walk.. er.. run!  Sadly, even with all his efforts, he didn't win.

But he did win the book walk.  Twice.  :)


He hit the bullseye twice.  It didn't work.

Strong Man!

Trenton and his friend Thomas in the firetruck.

Book Walk!

Firetruck wheels are HUGE!

Go straight to jail!

Carter decided that he didn't want to sit the right way in his stroller.

Poor baby was so sleepy.

Tarzan Trenton

Cotton Candy!  Yum!

Mommy & Munchkin

The Waterslide!  Yes.  A waterslide.  At the Fall Festical, lol.

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