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Monday, September 21, 2009

Leader of the Pack

Trenton begged me to join cub scouts.  Sadly, he hasn't been behaving at school, so he's missed 2 meetings.  But today, he got a purple.  He got to wear his uniform and hanky (there was drama surrounding that hanky last time, lol) for the first time.  He looked so handsome.  And he was SO excited about it.  I got home from work and Scott and Trenton were practicing the Cub Scout motto and the "Law of the Pack" and the the Tiger Cub song, etc.  Apparently, when it came time to do these at the meeting, Trenton was front and center volunteering and leading the group.  I'm so proud of him.  :) 

I made Scott take the camera and take some pictures.  Now we have to sell popcorn to help pay for camping in October.  Anyone want to buy some popcorn?  He has an adorable sales script he reads.  He's 100% as far as selling goes right now.  Of course, me, Nana, and Popaw were easy sales, but still... his tactics are super cute.  :)


me said...

I would LOVE to buy some popcorn from Trenton!! I have to have the whole sale though, none of this from his mom bit. Preston said he would buy some too!

I/We will be stopping by soon.

KRiSTiN said...

PLEASE come see us!! Trenton will get dressed up in his uniform and everything. He has a sales script. It's so funny.

PLUS, that gives me an excuse to come see you to deliver it. :)

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