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Friday, September 18, 2009

Mommy=Bad Guy

At some point this weekend, I have to make a behavior/discipline chart for Trenton.  I am sick and tired of him being in trouble at school.  Right now, he writes sentences when he gets in trouble.  That number increases each time he gets in trouble.  He's writing PAGES of sentences.  So, we need to do something else.

His behavior at school is judged by colors.  Purple is best, green is good, yellow is borderline, blue is bad and red is as bad as it gets.  In our house, anything except purple or green is unacceptable.  SO I'm trying to come up with a system that will administer appropriate punishment AND reward good behavior.  I have a skeleton of an idea in my head.  It just needs some meat.  Fine tuning or whatever.

He is a good kid.  Not a screamer, doesn't throw temper tantrums, doesn't hurt other children or hit anyone.  He just can't shutup.  Seriously.  The note from the teacher always says he was talking or that he wasn't following direction (directions being to be quiet).  I realize there are parents with kids who are obnoxious.  Bad kids.  Kids who hit or scream at them or other kids.  That isn't my Trenton.  He's as sweet as a little boy could be.  My problem could be worse.  But Sheesh!!  I want to be rewarding him and be praising him.  Instead, I have to discipline him almost every day now.

What is he saying?!  He's 6!  How can he possibly have THAT MUCH to say?!?!?!  


S. Brook Bell said...

Talking? I wonder where he gets that from? :) If you come up with a chart let me know!!!! Grace is like that....she has something to say about everything!!!!

Carol said...

If you want to, and they allow it, put on your chart that if he has green or purple days all week long either Nana or Popaw (or both) will bring him lunch and have lunch at school with him.

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