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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday's have more meaning when you have a job.

Jenny Sasser Misslin. I thought of you the other day. I was sick and had a headache and then for no reason at all, your laughter popped into my head. It made me smile. I miss you friend. Our high school reunion is coming up. This is a good excuse to... do... something. I don't care what. :)

Hello, other bored people. :) We are of various ages and from different backgrounds, but I would bet that 75% of us have seen the movie Event Horizon. 90's cult classic. My husband and I watched it tonight. He'd never seen it. He didn't like it. I may have to leave him. Although, he DID get me some beautiful pink roses the other day that I'm still enjoying by my bed. Hmmm. I guess I'll let him be graced by my being here a bit longer. ::Chuckle::

Carter went to the off-hours pediatrician today. He spent last night coughing and crying. Long story short, after an hour in the waiting room this SATURDAY morning, he has a cold. But, the waiting room was full of kids with the flu (says the doctor who treated him) so.... damn it. Hopefully, those other kids kept their nastiness to themselves.

**Side note**
How come, when there's a GIANT sign in the waiting room that says "NO FOOD OR DRINK", some people think this doesn't apply to them. There's no "unless you're hungry or thirsty" that follows that you inconsiderate dills. You aren't better than anyone else. I'm real sorry your weirdo kid has a staph infection on her hand from crawling around on bathroom floors, or whatever, but no one wants to watch you fling donut crumbs and slurp your empty drink while WE all abide by the rules put there for good reason. Hopefully, the next child that comes in and has an allergic reaction to the food you left all over the floor will sue the shit outta you and we don't have do see your insanely while legs poking out of those tiny shorts 'round here no more. Frick, people are so ignorant. I hate people who aren't people I like!


Okay. Back to my happy place. :P

Carter was in RARE form today. He flirted with every girl he saw. It was crazy!! A week of daycare and he's Rico Suave. Seriously. Here's the list of women he smile and started cooing at.

1. Random brunette little girl in Dr. office waiting room.
2. Her mom
3. Blond little girl in waiting room (about 6 years old and she flirted back!!)
4. The Doctor (he smiled at her the whole time she checked him out)
5. Waitress chick at Souper Salad who came over to our table after he smiled across the restaurant.
6. Haircut lady
7. Random haircut patron lady

He was on fire! And this is while he's got a bad cold and feeling icky. I'm talking big grins and then acting sheepish and looking away really quickly. Then he'd sneak another smiling look at them. Soooo funny. Daddy must have been proud.

Trenton has a protege. Lord, please help the young women within a 20 radius of these boys.

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