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Monday, November 16, 2009

Best Night Out... maybe ever!

Trees.  Deep Ellum.  2009.

I know.  You're thinking, "No way does that relate to the title of this blog.  How could it?  Because Trees was hot for about 4 minutes and that was more than a decade ago."

But, my friends, it's true.  It's hot, once again.  It was for one night, anyway. 

Thursday night, I had SO.MUCH.FUN.  I'd post more pictures, but we were using a friend's camera and she hasn't uploaded them yet.  Computer issues.  Who really knows what the pictures have in them anyway, lol.

Didn't particularly care for the first band.  She had an appealing voice, but she was jumping around and I didn't like her boots.  Rockstars have to look like rockstars.  She looked like someone who'd taken some X and needed a partner pretty quickly.  And the mic stand seemed to be filling that role. 

Then, Spill, which is a band our very talented friend Dave Binnings is in played.  Yea Spill!!  It's a rock/alternative ish or something band, but they always do a little remix of... something, lol.  Complete with spectacular dance moves.  A Beyonce song was involved in this one.  Golden. 

Then Shorelines End.  Hadn't heard of them before that night, but really enjoyed it.  Even though the hairstyles of the band were something I had to overcome to enjoy their music, lol.  For the sake of sampling their music AND seeing the... uhm "interesting" hair choices... see below. 

Then... Safetysuit.  I jumped.  I sang.  I danced.  I sweated.  It was SO fun.  LOVE Safetysuit.  Moreso now that I've heard them live and they sounded GREAT!

Check them out.  Great CD.

After the show, we were taking pictures with the band when I got excited about.. something and I'd had many, many drinks and I hit the lead singer of Safetysuit, Doug Brown, in the face.  Oh.My.Embarassing.  He was so gracious.  And hot.  See below.



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