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Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Do you know if the hotel is pager friendly?"

"You have an appointment on Wednesday."

That's all he said to me Monday afternoon. My husband. No indication of what for or where. I was mildly concerned. Let me just say that my husband has never set something up... date night, babysitter, nothing. So him telling me I had an appointment was... interesting.

I've been feeling... blue. Mundane. Disconnected. Just basically blah, honestly.

So when Wednesday rolled around, I was still pretty meh. My parents came and got the boys around noon. Scott had taken the day off so we went to sushi for lunch. But I couldn't shake my blueness. I'd been feeling that way for weeks, though, so expecting it to just disappear was irrational. But I was trying to enjoy myself. We don't get out much and to have my husband plan it was a rarity I'd been waiting for... well, forever. After lunch, we came home and I took a hot bath and read my book. The one thing my husband said was to be sure I shaved my legs.

We left around 3 and when we got to some random place in Plano, he basically pointed at a door I could barely see, and said go in there and tell them you have an appointment. My "For what?" was answered with him practically pushing me out of the car and driving away claiming traffic was backing up.

Random door? Serenity Spa in West Plano. I stood at the reception area waiting to be told why I was there (the receptionist had to get the manager because me not knowing why I was there boggled her mind). When the manager returned, he told me I was there for a package. My first thought was, "How cruel of Scott". I thought he'd left my Christmas "package" there so I'd think I was getting a pedicure or something. Which is exactly what I was thinking. And I was excited. I needed and wanted a pedicure.

Then Mr. Headset (yes, seriously, he had on a headset with a microphone and all) told me I'd be getting a 90 minute massage, a 90 minute facial, and a manicure and a pedicure. I was shocked. Truly shocked. Then everyone who'd overheard the situation ohhhhhed and awwwwed over the fact that it was a surprise. The gentleman being nudged by his wife gave me a grumpy, "why'd you have to come in while we were sitting here?" that made me giggle.

It was spectacular. I felt like a completely different person hours later when my husband came back to pick me up. It was like they'd rubbed the stress and blue right out of my body.

I got free microderm abrasion while I was there because the lady had just gotten a brand new machine and wanted to use it as much as possible, lol. So that was in addition to my pumpkin spice facial which was DE.LIGHT.FUL.

It was an afternoon of soft sounds, fabulous smells, rubbing and massaging, and not worrying about anything. ::Deep Sigh:: It was soul cleansing.

Afterward, we bounced date ideas around and finally decided to go to Studio Movie Grill to have dinner and drinks and see The Blindside. But that movie didn't start until 9:50pm. It was only 8pm. So we settled on dinner at Love and War and watching The Hangover on demand at home. Dinner was fabulous and accompanied by 2 huge margaritas. And The Hangover was hilarious. I was afraid it'd be stupid based on my expectaions. You know, when people rave about a movie so you expect greatness and then feel disappointed. But it was great. The plot lost it's steam at the end, but as far as funniness goes, it's a winner. Alan is the greatest character ever.

So anyway, that was my Christmas present. We'd agreed not to get anything for each other because of my job situation. But I still felt silly only giving Scott his favorite coffee on Christmas day, lol. I ordered him a book that hadn't even come in, too, but still. He way outdid me this year. Hands down, the best gift ever.

I'll post more about Christmas Eve and Christmas later, but I DID want to say, that to my recollection, this was my first White Christmas. Regardless of the fact that you could see the grass sticking out of the snow, lol. Anyway, Trenton and I played in the snow Christmas morning while Scott took pictures and Carter napped in the warm house.

That weird "hat" I have on, is a mask of Scott's that is UGLY!  Lol.  I put it on and ran out of the house where Trenton and Scott were playing and not expecting me.  It was supposed to startle Trenton.  But he just laughed.  :)

Building the world's saddest snowman

The world's saddest snowman... who later became a snowball.


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