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Monday, December 28, 2009

Kristin without the "T" just sounds ridiculous.

My T, Trenton, is in California with his dad.  Per our custody agreement, he has him this year for the 2nd half of the Christmas break so they went out to visit Trenton's aunt.  I'm sure he's having a great time playing with his cousins.  But the house sure is quiet without him here.  But at least I had him for Christmas this year.  The years without him (the even years) are hard.  Really hard.  I realize sharing is a fundamental lesson we all learn at 2... but it sucks sometimes. 

But we've rearranged.. or are in the process of rearranging.. the house, so Trenton will have a new, bigger, playroom when he gets home and a new high def big screen to play his new video games on.  :)  He had a big TV before, but it stopped working just before Christmas.  Sucktastic.  But that gave us an excuse to get the one we'd talked about so, it's done!  We should have it in about a week.  And now our garage convert, which was the media room, is the playroom.  Lots of space for toys, running around, and little boy mayhem.  My desk, computer, and elliptical machine live there, too.  It needs to be painted since it's super dark in there (hello... media room), but that's an easy fix.  Not "easy", but doable.  Plus, I'm sure I have tons of people willing to come over and help me paint.  Right?  ::taps microphone::  Hello?    


Sarah said...

did I read that right?? Did you make our Cave a playroom? What...How...but..."my grandma and your grandma".

where do we watch them?

KRiSTiN said...

the cave is now a playroom. but never fear, soon there will be ample movie watching abilities in there. and all the living room stuff is now in the front. in the evening, it gets dark in THERE. :) you know we don't use lights 'round here.

Carol said...

When are you painting? I will have to check my calendar, but I'm sure that I am probably busy that day!

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