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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Halfway to 70

Today, my husband turned 35.  He's so old, lol.  Of course, with men it doesn't matter.  Women turn thirty and become old maids.  I turn 29 in March.  I'm going to have to SERIOUSLY start thinking about the things I want to do before I turn 30. 

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Scott!  We love you! 

Pictures of our "celebration" later.  I'm tired.  I'm no Martha Stewart.  Cooking wears me out.


Sarah said...

"Women turn thirty and become old maids."

Guess who just got taken off my Christmas Card list for 2010? :| Don't forget to read 1981 today. You know, my blog about how I'll be 30 in 30 days.

KRiSTiN said...

LOL. Sarcasm. Aimed at the men and their sterotypical man-centric nonsense designed to make a woman over thirty feel less validated and therefore she becomes more vulnerable to his evil and he then wins the eternal power struggle of the sexes.

I was making a pointed comment at "the man" and letting him know that neither I, nor my friend folk, will be buying any bullshit today.

::Gulp:: Better?

Anonymous said...

So Scott is halfway to 70, huh....Put it in perspective, Scott......I'm 4 years away...ouch...but still happy and loving life !!! margie mazzeo

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute... you're younger than me? That's not fair.
Le sigh.
I turn 30 in May. I keep trying to make everyone older than me. Even Krista.

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