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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Scarface in spiderman slippers...

I can't believe this slipped my mind yesterday, but as I as picking Trenton up from school yesterday, I noticed a young boy around Trenton's age that was standing next to him mom wearing jammie pants, a heavy coat and spiderman slippers.  The kind we had as kids with the head poking off the top and staring at your shin.  Since the other kids were in school still, it drew my attention.  It was then that I noticed his beaten and briused face, broken lip, and long red laceration on his face.  I instantly thought about the nasty scar that would probably be for the rest of his life and found myself hoping with all hope that it faded tremendously.  Ouch!   

A teacher noticed him and came out and I accidentally *cough, cough* overheard their converstation.  The one they had about the kid getting hit by a car the day before.  Holy CRAP!!  THe other kids were being relased now and jumping around him and laughing, but he stared straight ahead as if in a trance.  My God, can you imagine?!  How horrifying.  Absolutely gut wrentching.  While mom talked to the appalled teacher I overheard her tell him that they were getting an apparently long asked for puppy.  This drew a tiny smile from the boy, but it didn't reach his eyes.  It was a blank smile. 

It was such a shocking story to happen upon.  You don't hear that everyday.  Kids break their arms and get sick.  That's old hat.  Getting hit by a moving vehicle... that's... just... I mean, damn.  I felt so terrible for the poor kid.  His sisters had approached and heard about the puppy and began to dance around cheering.  Without any thought as to why they were being given that gift.  Not that I blame them.  That's how kids are, for the most part, when they're young.  But it was still sad.  To see them bounce with glee at the thought of a puppy their little brother had taken a car to the face for.  While he stood in obvious discomfort clinging to his mommy's leg.   

So anyway, if it crosses your mind as you say your nighttime prayers, say one for the random car victim kid who's name I don't know.  Poor little guy!  I hope his parents spoil the poo outta him for the next few weeks. 



Anonymous said...

How sad but how sweet of you to think of him....poor guy..I'll say a prayer for him
happy New Year, Kristin


Anonymous said...

p.s. I'm glad that Julie fixed this so I can finally comment....you know how much I love your blog, so keep up the good and sometimes, very funny stuff.


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