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Thursday, February 04, 2010


I like surprises.  I love surprises.  Giving them AND recieving them.  So imagine my delight when I got this on Monday!!

Scott came home from taking Trenton to Cub Scouts with a giant dog toy for Carter.  While Trenton was going upstairs to bed, he told me that Scott was hiding something.  He said this specifically after being told not to.  But the issues with Trenton and his insubordinance and disresepect are another blog. 

Anyway, so Scott had gotten me a giant oatmeal colored teddy!  He's so cute, although Carter's spent more time with him than I.  We usually spend at least a portion of the morning both laying on him while watching Hip Hop Harry (Carter's latest favorite show, lol).

P.S. Carter also loves Chocolate Cake, lol.

I've lovingly named my teddy Desmond.  :)

He's been comforting me all morning.  I'm super groggy from the ambien I took last night to sleep.  I had a wicked day yesterday and I knew I'd end up laying awake and thinking about all the nonsense in my life if I didn't do something.

I went on a job interview yesterday.  My appointment was at 2pm.  I waited outside this person's locked office from 1:50-2:28pm.  I looked at the wall clock and decided I'd just leave in 2 more minutes.  I mean, how incredibly rude can someone be?  A minute later, someone random person asks me what I need.  I told her I was here to see Dora.  So she asks how long I've been there and what time my appointment was.  She tells me she'll be right with me.  ""Thank goodness!", I think.  Another 38 minutes later, she comes back.  I'm pissed by this time.  They've just wasted an hour and eight minutes of MY time without any apologies or explaination.  I do the interview, then she tries to set me outside again to wait for someone else.  To which I reply that I will not wait any longer.  Because she wants me to sit and wait for the person I was originally scheduled to interview with.  Who is still MIA.  Nope.  If this is how they treat potential employees, how to they treat the people they actually work with?  Respect is a must in my new job and they weren't exactly brimming with it.

THEN she breaks down and apologizes and tells me she thinks I'm perfect for the job and would a phone interview be ok later.  I told her that was fine, shook her hand and started walking to the door.  She asked for my number and I told her it was on the resume that Dora has posession of.

I mean, seriously!!  No way will I be working there.  So rude.  And they were shady and secretive about salary.  ::Sigh:: 

Such a waste of time.


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