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Friday, February 05, 2010

Lace, Glitter and Pressure. How Romantic.

It's almost Valentine's Day.  A silly holiday that the retail world knew would fly based on the desire of women for romance and being spoiled and the horror and misery the fairer sex can bestow upon their male counter parts should the opportunity to do so be neglected.

I love the idea.  A day of celebration of relationships and appreciation for a genuine partner. 

I hate the chocolates in a heart shaped box.  I hate the faux feelings inside a mass printed Hallmark card bathed in glitter.  I hate the line full of procrastinators at Walgreens the evening of.  And I love roses... but think that having to sell an organ that you (hopefully) have a duplicate of in order to buy them on Valentine's Day is ABSURD! 

And that's what it is now.  Men feeling forced to buy things and plan elaborate dates because of a random date in February.  I, personally, would prefer an elaborately planned date night for no reason.  Because my partner wanted to.  Not because he has to.  It just feels fake. 

We ARE doing the dinner and a movie thing, the Friday beforehand.  But I plan on pigging out and getting drunk.  ::Snicker::

So in an effort to bring some validity to the Valentine's Day hype, I plan on sharing some romantic and love themed posts between now and then.  Romance isn't my husbands strong suit (in fact, he's basically romanitically crippled), soooo we'll see what I can come up with.  :)



Stephanie said...

I honestly thought I was the only female that felt this way. Leo and I do not celebrate V-day we buy candies and toys for the kids but do not do it for each other.

KRiSTiN said...

We must have good genes. :) I do the fun kids thing, too. Gifts and special things like heart shaped pancakes for breakfast or something. THAT is fun. :) I have an ice cude tray that makes heart shaped candies and ice. That's always good. It'd get old any other time, but for that one day, it's great. :)

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