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Monday, February 08, 2010

Foggy Affection

Random, sweet things that my husband does fairly regularly...

1. When I get out of the shower, a glance at the mirror sometimes makes me grin from ear to ear.  No, I'm not staring at my naked self.  I get messages from my husband written on the mirror.  Written with his finger at a time unbeknownst to me, it shows up when I take a foggy shower.  "I love you" and things of that nature.  It's such a random and little thing, but it's super sweet.  :)

2. Flowers.  Not for holidays or birthdays.  Just because.  Not so often that I ever expect it, but often enough that it's not unheard of and I feel neglected.  Usually with a sweet card.  And not just the typical roses.  Sometimes it's roses.  Red, Pink, White.  Sometimes I get a collection of whatever flowers he thought looked nice.  Or, if he involves Trenton, whatever Trenton thinks looks nice.  :)

3. I have an addiction.  To Dr. Pepper.  Yum.  We have the Diet DP here at home most times, but occasionally, I just need the real thing, you know?  So he gets a call.  To stop and get me one.  And he does.  Makes a specific stop just to fullfill a silly desire I have.  And he almost never complains about it, lol.   



Stephanie said...

Ok this from the girl that said her hubby is not a romantic. I have to say I am jealous of the mirror writing that is super cute.
I see things written on your blog and think wow Leo does that too and I never thought of it as a romantic gesture until I see it written by someone else. I have to give you a huge Thank You for opening my eyes to all the little things that our husbands do because in their one way they are even more romantic than some huge planned affaire.

KRiSTiN said...

It takes some effort to see romance, trust me. I take things for granted, for sure. I am a brat. :)

I say he's not romantic because of the typical opportunities for such things were missed by him. Like I don't have some fabulous proposal story. Our wedding was probably the least "romantic" one I've ever been to. And we don't go stay at Bed and Breakfast or any of that nonsense, lol. Some of those things have bothered me. But I'm trying to see and appreciate what IS.

He's not THAT guy. No champagne and bubble baths or whatever. For that, I'm thankful. I like a man's man. Not a girly man, lol. He's certainly not EVER going to be confused with being a metrosexual, LOL.

Stephanie said...

If we are going for unromantic proposal I'll tell you mine some time it will make you laugh and feel so very sorry for me all at the same time!

I was being so honest when I said you have helped me see the little things as romantic. I was starting to think my husband was the only one out there that is just completely clueless to romance but now I see I was just blinded by all the sappy love stories to notice Leo's own unique brand of romance. You saved me from drowning in a sea self pity :) Give me a call while our oldest kids are in school and we can make each other feel better about our pathetic proposal stories.
FYI my # is on facebook

KRiSTiN said...

I WILL call you because I want to know your story!!

Believe me, I bought into the "perfect man" crap and the movies that lead you to believe that love and marriage is all fun and sexy and easy. I think most women feel this way at some point. They have to. We can't be the only 2 chicks that have been misguided by the media's version of a love story, lol.

It's taken me a LONG time to get to a place where I can see that just because our relationship is not always easy, doesn't mean he doesn't love me. He doesn't think like I do and he truly can't read my mind, lol.

And when I think about how I am and what am I doing for him that compares with what he does for me... that's a serious eye opener. He tells me he loves me 10 times to my 1. And I'm 100% serious. I get so caught up in the kids that I neglect to treat him the way I want to be treated. That's an unflattering light to see myself in. :/

And this is my whole point. This is what Valentines SHOULD be. Genuine appreciation. :)

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