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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

::Deep Sigh::

Scott asked me to do a side-by-side of himself and Carter.  It's no secret that Carter is Scott's clone.  In appearance AND attitude.  In Scott's picture, he's older than Carter is, but you can still see the resemblance.  Give Carter some time to run off the roundness of his face and you'll have a tiny (better dressed) Scott.

Because that's fair.  I did the hard part.  I threw up constantly.  I gave up the things I love {sushi, wine, and the occasional ciggarette}.  My body became a painful prison that required me to wear a path in the carpet from the bed to the bathroom and made my throat bubble with fire 89% of the time because of "a little indigestion".

I pushed a PERSON out of my no-no area in front of a crowd of people.  A real live person.

A person that looks just like the guy whole slept peacefully all during my pregnancy.  A person who laughed at my struggles to get in and out of the car.  A person who had to be woken from a chair in L&D after I'd been pushing for 5 minutes.   


My one "in your face!" is that Carter is, without question, a Mama's Boy.  So I GUESS the other stuff doesn't matter. 


Today is my last day of being 28.  What does that mean?  Nothing really.  Execpt that I can no longer try out for American Idol.  And that I, after tomorrow, I can no longer claim to be in my "mid twenties".  My basic philosophy was 20-24 is early twenties because you can round down.  25-28 is mid twenties because it's in the MIDDLE of early twenties and 29... which is late twenties because.... well, because you can't get any later 20 something than that.

Why can't I focus on anything except that we call someone who's passed away "The LATE" so-and-so?  Does LATE twenties equal death?  Maybe the death of youth?  The death of hope?  The death of tight unwrinkled skin? 

So... my last day in my mid twenties.  I'm celebrating with a cranky baby and a headache (not even earned the fun way). 



Anonymous said...

Did your husband ever live in Maine? I ran across your blog quite by a freak accident and I saw a guy I think I went to High School with. (Heck, I even dated his brother, Cory, if it's the same guy.) If your husband didn't ever live in Maine than he has a twin with the same name somewhere out there. Enjoy your posts. (Yes, I admit I read a few...)

KRiSTiN said...

Yes, that's my husband! Scott Durbin and my brother-in-law Cory are from Maine...sorta. They lived there for awhile anyway. :)Who is this? :) He reads this, too, so feel free to say hi.

Anonymous said...

How weird is that. Small world or small internet, I guess. My name was Angie Todd back in high school. I didn't know Scott quit as well as Cory. Scott was a few years older than me, but I remember him. (We went to a really small school.) I found your blog because I was curious about the Imaginiation Movers, that dumb kids show on Disney. (I get bored.) Well come to find out one of the guys on that show is named Scott Durbin and when I googled him, a picture of you and Scott popped up. I was pretty sure it was the Scott Durbin I knew back then, so I followed the link to your blog. So bizzare--quite a flash back to 1995! Well, you'll have to tell Scott and Cory that I said "hi." I'm curious if they even remember me. Cute kids by the way. Looks like you are going to have your hands full in about ten years ;-) Oh, and I guess a Happy Birthday is in order too!

Stephanie Warner said...

Ok...so I am SO with you on the "not fair that our children look JUST like their Dad because we did ALL the hard work." At least you got a Mommas Boy out of it...Gavin is all about DADDY! So, what am I really to him other than an incubator back in the day. Mommas get no love, huh? Anyway....HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a wonderful day. Make the boys treat you to something special. (ps....how crazy about the lady finding Scott from your blog. What a small, small world!) ENJOY YOUR DAY GIRL!!!!!

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