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Friday, April 09, 2010

Repressed Anticipation

I've had a really great set of job interviews lately. One being really fun, actually, lol. Sipping yummy treats at Starbucks is how all interviews should be conducted.

I just spoke with my recruiter, and she says this company I've been dating is super interested in me and everyone that I've talked to there really likes me, so that's good. It seemed like a truly great place. But I've been excited before and gotten seriously disappointed, so I'm just not going to get overly anxious or excited about it anymore.

It would take a stellar job to get me back out into the job market.  Being with C man is too rewarding to go back to a crappy job.  I've dealt with some doozies in the last year.  Broken promises, shady practices, and downright stupid people.  Just say no to misery, that's where I am.  But this place meets all my "must have's"... so far.  It's close (in Plano), the people seem really laid back and fun, it's in a nice part of town, the salary range is great, etc. 

I don't know where a new job fits into going back to school. I know that would make it financially easier... but emotionally and physically harder. I can't compromise my family time. Well, I won't. And I can't get a nursing degree online, lol. Can you IMAGINE?!

"Excuse me sir, this probably won't hurt much.. I READ all about administering IV's while I got my degree online".



So now, I'm researching childcare.  Carter's old school is so expensive.  And, while I loved it when he was a newborn, they were less attentive when the shine wore off of him.  One of the teachers I'd loved so much is gone and another director I adored has left.  So it's time for me to figure something else out for the day I got back to work or school, whichever comes first. 

Wish me luck!!


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Stephanie Warner said...

I'm in the same boat girl! I am going back to work (I feel it is time to help the fam out a little more financially.) I am blessed to have been able to stay at home this long. But, now the boys are older, and it is time. I just don't know what to do about childcare. Let me know if you find anything interesting! And, good luck with everything! :)

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