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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clinging desperately to the last hours of Sunday....::tightens grip::

Crazy stuff since I last posted.  Not really.  Just lots or regular stuff that overwhelmed me with stress and the desire to hurt someone I'm married to.  He can remain nameless for anonymity sake.  :)  Highlights?  Sure.  I'll do you a favor and leave out the 89% of boring that made up the week.

Trenton spent a week with his dad and other grandparents.  His dad's family requested this since the oldest of the 2 daughters {Trenton's aunts} was coming to town with her 4 kids.  She lives in California so Trenton doesn't see them a lot.  Her oldest is 9 months older than Trenton and he gets excited to see his cousin.  He had a great time and I'm super glad.  Regardless of whether my ex and I are getting along or not {it changes frequently} I am 100% grateful that their family loves him and wants to include him in their family "stuff".  So hurray for that.  :)

I'm feeling lazy so I'm going to speed through the week while he was out.

I had eye issues aplenty.  And maybe had some flu-like illness.  Still not sure how related to the eye it may have been.  Not fun.

Trenton's hamster got out.  Scott searched.  24 hours post escape, I chose to shake his food bag and wouldn't you know that little bugger came running out from behind the bookcase.  Little stinker.  Thank you GOD!  I didn't want to explain to T that his hamster disappeared while he was gone.  Ugh. 

Hmmmmm, that's about it.

TODAY, however, I got to see Corey, my old coworker.  We met for a quick lunch and BLAM!... 3 and a half hours went by.  We just sat there chit chatting forever.  It was nice.  You don't know how much you miss people you used to see every day until you sit down with them and laugh for 3 hours.  SO glad I got to see my friend.  And since we've decided we ARE starting our own kickball team, hopefully, I'll see her more often.

I also got my new glasses.  My old ones were about 5 years old.  Yeah.  Time for new ones.  I always tell myself I'm going to get whatever cheap frames don't makes me look completely retarded and that's that.  Nothing fancy, because I rarely wear them.  And then I slap myself in the face {figuratively... cause doing so literally would be weird and probably painful} because I've NEVER bought a non "designer" pair of glasses.  Which is so opposite of my typically thrifty self.  Silly.

My last pair of Jones New York frames were cute {I thought} but were wire rimmed, so they had those clear, rubber nose pads which gets on my NERVES!  So I opted plastic this time.  Geek Chic glasses.  Intentional nerd alerts.  Again, unlike me.  I generally like to look.... preppy nerd, if that makes sense.  Wire rims, then lens, etc.  But these are NOT that.   

I bought a pair of bebe frames {Color: Cocoa puff; Style: Envy}.  SOOOO comfy.


My apologies for the bathroom pic {anyone who's been here will recognize the picture}, but at least I didn't use the mirror!  And please excuse my been-outside-sweating hair. 

Happy Dork Dance!

Ok.  Looking forward to Bunco on Wednesday night and Amy's birthday in late August.  Yay gambling!


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