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Sunday, July 18, 2010

In the Ghetto

We don't live in the ghetto.  Weeks go by without drivebys on our block.  LOL.  I'm kidding.  Our neighbors are mostly old people and young families.  I mean, we aren't living in excessive wealth, but we're doing ok for ourselves.   

Today, though, we spent a good 30 minutes being as white trash as we could be, lol.  Scott impulsively bought one of those $10 plasic wading pools as we sat in the shady part of our backyard, with our baby boy in only a swim diaper, and pulled up plasic lawn chairs next to it and put our feet in it while Carter played.  Oh, we also stuck Carter's slide in the pool and WOOHOO, it's Huricane Harbor up in the Durbin Casa!  The only thing that would have made it worse would have been some disgusting cheap beer.  Natty Light or Keystone.  ::Gag::

It was funny.  It was odd looking.  And we knew it was odd looking.  But Carter had a blast {and no one could see us}!  And the heat was tolerable in the shade with our feet in the pool.  Enjoyable.  Maybe we should buy a rundown trailer, a 12 pack of hanes wifebeaters, and 9 cats and do this more often.

This is the game he played most of the time.  Step 1: Fill up the Bucket
Step 2: Pour it out on your own tummy
Step 3: Repeat {over and over and over again}

Water Ball!

Carter has a monster arm.  Seriously, it's a ROCKET.  He was throwing a football yesterday with an effortless spiral.  But when he throws a ball UP and can't find it {because it's gone behind him}, he assumes it's still in the air... 3 minutes later.  So he searches the sky for his ball, lol.



Carol said...

I'm headin' over with a bottle of Boones Farm and a Mad Dog 20/20. I take them out of the paper bag so you won't be embarrassed.

KRiSTiN said...

Yeah, that's about right.

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