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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Stink Eye

I woke this morning with my eye crusted shut.  Ew, I know.  Swollen eye lids, goo, red, insanely watery and sore... all this adds up to "Uh Oh".

So instead of our Home Depot and Target planned morning of leisure and mundane nothingness, Scott, Carter and I went to the Eye Doctor.  Well, I went.  They chauffered me.

Doctor's diagnoses... bacterial infection caused by... who knows?!  Could be my contacts, my contact case, just rubbing my eyes, some teeny foreign object... whatever.  Doesn't really matter.  My entire eyeball is SWOLLEN she said.  The actual ball o' eye.  ::Shudders::  GROSS!!  So, I'm stuck with icky eye and my glasses until my prescription drops heal my puffy seeing spot.  :(

You can't see how grossly red it is because I can hardly open it right now. 

Scott's response when I told him something was wrong with my eye?  He said, "Next time you'll listen."  ::Rolls Eyes:: 



Anonymous said...

well, that's too bad but you have one really pretty blue eye !!! I'm sure you feel much better because I said that !!!! margie

KRiSTiN said...

Awww, thanks MM! I do feel a little better. :)

My eye is SO gross. You can't even tell in this picture. It's like 2 face. Normal on one side and DISGUSTING on the other!

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