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Monday, July 12, 2010

Real Life Dumbass Quote of the Day

Set up: I was supposed to be on a webinar/conference call this afternoon. The way these things work {in case you’re unfamiliar} is you log in to a website where the administrator {person in control of conference} controls what you see on your computer. At the same time, you call in the conference call line and ::Ta-Dah:: everyone can watch and listen.
The basic understanding of these things is that you call in, then mute your phone. As there are 20+ people on the line, we don’t need to hear every sigh, mumble, laugh, sneeze, etc. of every person on the phone and that doesn’t consider the loud people around THOSE people. Anyway, it makes sense.
So I called in about 10 minutes early, like I always do. I should stop. Because I get so sick of the technically challenged idiots who call in and say “Hello?...Hello?” 40 times. We got MULTIPLE emails that told us to call and mute. Directions were simple. However some sucktastic people called in and I hear typing, laughing, talking, etc. from 15 different people at once. The administrator {who should be the only one I can hear, has to repeatedly tell these people who obviously can’t read, to mute their phone.

And that brings us to the quote of the day. When told to mute her phone so her end of the line couldn’t be heard, one lady said {with a slight attitude}, “But I don’t have sound on my computer, how will I hear?”.

I laughed out loud… and fought the urge to UNmute my phone to do so.
Our kind administrator explained that mute is one way and halfway through his explanation you could tell she realized that she’s a moron and muted her phone.

Hopefully, she’ll spend the rest of the day living in shame and reliving her humiliating public admission that she is a {expletive} dum dum .



Charlya said...

Holy crap that is funny!

De!dre said...

That happened at my work last week! The admin kept telling one lady to mute her phone, and she was talking to someone in her office about something else and said, "...it's seriously so easy a monkey could do it." And we all died laughing.

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