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Monday, July 05, 2010

Firework Fun for the Fourth!

I'm making this short because I don't feel good.

I love 4th of July celebrations! 

This year, like the last few years, we've go out to my parents house to celebrate.  My parents live outside the city limits in the Rockwall/Heath area.  So there's no firework that's off limits.  Which is  nice, since I like to set off the big ones.

So we headed out yesterday around 3:30pm.  My brother, his boyfriend, and I went to the fireworks place and bought our bursty fun stuff.  I bought 6 boxes of artillary shells plus, 4 boxes of 12 roman candles, several flashers, smoke bombs, spinny chasers, a few fountains, 24 bottle rockets, etc.  Fun for all. 

We ate pizza and hung out inside {with the AC} until it got dark.  We played games and such to pass the time. 

High Five for PJs!

Then we put on our glowstick bracelets and necklaces {and I put on mom's glowing shoes because they rubbed against her brand new TATTOO... yeah, lol} and we headed out to make a ruckus!

I love the artillary shells.  They're my favorite.  In case you're unaware, those are the big colorful ones that go BOOM!  It sounds like a canon going off.  I love the sound.  The "THUWUMP" the shell makes as it rockets into the sky is awesome!  And save for the one I set off that didn't go very high in the air before it exploded in a ball of purple all around us {yikes!}, they're safe if you're careful and have a sturdy surface to set the launch tube on.  I didn't take lots of pictures because I was having too much fun blowing stuff up.  :)

But here are some of OUR fireworks, taken from directly below our launching area.  I took these while taking a break and letting Scott play with my artillary.  :)

They live out in the middle of nowhere so we could see fireworks going off in all directions.  The sky was light up like war time.  It was nice.  Lots of the neighbors buy the big fireworks too, so we get a GREAT show.  Trenton and Carter were both up and outside enjoying the fun until 11pm when we ran out of fireworks.  Crazy!  Of course, they both passed out within minutes of being in the car on the way home. 



Jenny said...

those are some great pics of the fireworks! what camera are you using these days?

KRiSTiN said...

Those are crappy pics, but thanks! I didn't adjust my shutter and ISO like I should have but I was having fun. I'm using a Nikon, which I LOVE.

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