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Monday, February 14, 2011

Double Trouble

My husband is convinced Appa needs a friend.  A brother.  Someone to chillax with when we aren't home.  NOT my idea.  I, quite honestly, was SHOCKED that he felt that way.  It was so crazy that he agreed to the puppy at all, after the drama and heartbreak of losing our huskies. 

Anyway, so to make a long story short, Appa now has a brother.

His name is Easton.  Appa was SO FREAKING EXCITED to see him.  Poor Easton {whom had 11 siblings} was overwhelmed with Appa's intense greeting.  Easton was SOAKED from Appa licking him all over, lol.  Theyre like brothers already.  They played outside and explored together.  Appa had to be held so Easton could have a chance to pee.

So I guess Scott was right.  Yeah.  I said that.  Appa is ecstatic.  And Easton is adorable.  1 week younger and a little thinner than Appa.  But they are sooooo flippin' cute together.

Appa {Right} has the blue collar.  Easton {Left} doesn't have one yet.
 Easton charging toward me with Appa close behind.
 Trouble :)



Kim H. said...

How CUTE are they?!

Carol said...

Ummm...who is going to keep THEM while you're in Vegas??? Hmmm??? Oh dear Lord...you are going to owe us in a huge way!

Lish said...

Dear heavens... puppy breath!
I love puppies!
Thank heavens you have them and I don't... a baby is all I can handle right now.

Margie said...

They're so adorable and now you'll have your hands full....just ask Julie...Happy Vanetines Day !!!

KRiSTiN said...

I KNOW! They are too cute! And mom, Easton is even sweeter than Appa. Yeah. Wrap your head around THAT. The puppy breath is intoxicating. I love it. They are going to be a handle. But we figured it'd be nice to have 2 that grew up together instead of forcing a puppy on Appa later. But... yeah. Lots of craziness right now. :)

De!dre said...

So cute!!!

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