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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Are you there God? It's me... Kristin.

My husband is having his period, or something like that, because he's been in a mood for 2 days now.  He's all bitchy and throwing stuff.  Yes.  Has THROWN things twice.  But he acts like it's ridiculous when Carter does the SAME thing.  I don't have the patience for his temper tantrums.  I want to slap him in his fallopian tubes.  But I don't.  

But both puppy boys are clean and shiny {$10.99 Petsmart Puppy Grooming Package!}, the human boys both got haircuts, and we spent 2 hours at the park running the kids and dogs until they were exhausted {before the baths and haircuts... 'cause otherwise it'd be dumb}.  So I don't care about Mr. Tampax's hormonal episodes.  I can wait it out for 5 - 7 days... maybe. 

If my husband acts like a woman... does that make me a lesbian? 

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