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Thursday, May 12, 2011

That is a Truth Fact

Mother’s Day was excellent. We spent the Saturday night before at my mother’s house playing games and eating Chinese food. I got my mom a SUPER cute dress and necklace from Charming Charlies {one of my FAVORITE stores}. Apparently, she liked them, because she took the money my brother got her and went back to get more cute little sun dresses.
My wedding anniversary was the 10th of May. I got gorgeous red roses from my husband and a really sweet card. It was a Tuesday so we didn’t go OUT, but we’ll celebrate some other time. It was just nice to recognize and celebrate making it this far. It’s only been 3 years… but there were times I didn’t think we’d see our 3 year anniversary. Seriously. But I love that guy. We’re in a much better place {now that I’m taking anti-anxiety/anti-depressants, lol}. Anyway, Happy 3+2, Love!
Then, this morning, I resigned from my job. I accepted another position at another company that is just an all around better deal and better fit for me. My job had become toxic to me and it was affecting the other {more important} aspects of my life. It had an effect on me as a mother, as a wife, and as a friend. And that just became unacceptable. So I branched out. And my phone blew up. It was flattering to hear from other people and companies how valuable my skills and I are.
Turning in my resignation letter was awkward. It’s a hard thing to do. Because you know it’s going to lead to the “why” discussion. And I was unsure how to approach that. But.. it went ok. I think. It’s done. Now I have a week to tie up my loose ends and move on.
I’m excited about my new position, though. The people seem really great and the culture is rich and relaxed. I’m really looking forward to diving in.

That is the super clipped cliffs notes of the last few weeks. The only other thing worth mentioning is I finally {was forced to} gave in to the iphone craziness when I lost my cell for 3 weeks. Mom gave me her old iphone so I could just get a functional one again. Words with friends. OMG. It’s… it’s… the best thing ever. How did I do anything without this phone before now? What kind of brain control app did I accidently download because I love it. I’ll never be bored again. Apple is like a big corporate drug pusher. A little taste then all you want is more. You win, Apple. Now gimme the stuff.

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