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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whirly Wind of Whatnot

I've been a bad blogger.  Or a good one, if you  hate reading updated posts by me.  I AM using Instagram on my newish iphone {so much more to THAT story, but I don't have the energy} to photoblog.  I try to take at least 1 picture a day.  Nothing super artsy.  Just... my life via pictures.  Kinda fun.  Ok, REALLY fun.  I love pictures.

Examples from the last week...

A message for Trenton & Carter

Doing and oil treatment on my hair made it look dirty and disgusting.  I thought of Ke$ha.  I felt all rockstary.  Turns out being a rockstar is all easy and junk.  Look icky.  Bam.  Where's my millions?!

Anyhoo, blogger.com, I've been intentionally distant.  Those close to me know that there's been some... issues (for lack of a more descriptive word) at work.  I finally took it upon myself to expore an opportunity I came across and BOOM... I was offered another job.  It's a good move for me in almost every way.  Salary, benefits, 401K, bonuses, annual raises, etc. are better.  And it's just a better fit for me personally at this juncture of my life. 

I turned in my resignation about a week ago and today was my last day.

It was harder than I thought it would be.  I thought turning in my resignation letter would be the tough part.  But goodbye hugs and "I'll miss you"'s were sad.  The sight of my spotless desk and empty keyboard were surprisingly jarring.  That's been MY spot for a long time.  To see it stripped of all personality... no pictures or handcrafted artwork by my kids... was just weird. 

But I lived.  And I'm excited.  This new chapter of my life is one I'm looking forward to.  It will be challenging... but I am certainly not afraid of a challenge.  :)

Also a challenge?  Puppysitting.  We are puppysitting Beau, my parents Yorkie pup, while they're on vacation.  Good GAWD that dog is crazy.  A bitey, jumpy, licky, spastic, sweet, UNpotty trained little TOOT!  One who thinks he's just as big and twice as bad as our dogs.  Can you image two 40 pound puppies and one 3 pound puppy and all the clumsey energy and noise that brings?  They are a pack of insanity.  Sheesh!!  But they ARE all sweet {when they're tired} and I do love them all {when they're sleeping} and am going to enjoy our visitor and the happiness he brings my own pups {can you give dogs nyquil?}. 


Last night was bunco, which is ALWAYS fun.  And my favorite Scentsy friend brought all my new Scentsy stuff to me!!  So.Very.Exciting!!!  I LOOOVE Scentsy.  I now have 3 plug-ins and 1 full size warmer.  I have 6 scents and got 9 more last night.  My house is gonna smell SO good, ya'll. 

And I guess the last bit of important info I have is tomorrow I am getting my hair cut.  I'm thinking I may chop it all off.  If I cut off about 8 inches of hair, it'll be at my shoulders.  Hair is fun to have.  But Texas summers pretty much demand an updo or a hair chop.  My hair is thick and I cannot stand sweaty neck.  Ew.  So I'm thinking chop.  

Kind of a marriage between this....

 and this...


Alyssa said...

Well boo for having issues at work but YAY for finding something better!! :o) Congrats!

On another note, both hairstyles are cute. I agree, nothing worse then having sweaty neck in the HOT HUMID Texas summer. I'm trying to grow my hair out so I forcast lots of poneytails. ;o)

Margie said...

I'm glad that you're blogging again and I read on facebook about the new job so I'm happy for you. I had a job I loved for almost 32 years and I worked for an insurance for 2 1/2 months of hell....HATED IT....Good for you that you made a change and will be happier this time around...
Beau is cute, your puppies are adorable and so are your boys...keep blogging...I missed it.

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