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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

T... These are a few of my favorite things...

Zombies.  I love them.  I am going to rock zombiepocalypse when it comes.  Or I'll die and become a zombie.  Either way is awesome.  I used to want to be a vampire.  But now that they're synonomous with shininess and tormented {ridiculous} love stories, I'm out.  ::Rolls eyes::

Meatloaf.  Yum.  Meat in a soft bread-like form.  ::drool::  Yes. 

Taking pictures.  I'm a camera whore.  It's true.  I own it.  Deal with it... and smile!

Carter's fire safety speech which is said without a pause at all.  "Clothes on fire?  Don't get scared!  Drop and roll."  So insanely cute.  I really need to get that on video.

Trenton's jokes.  If the punchline doesn't make you giggle, his method of delivery will. 

Fires.  Be it in the fireplace or outside in a campfire, I love it.  As long as it isn't life or property destroying, I love fire.  Something so mesmorizing about the crackle of a good burn.

Going out one night a year to look at Christmas lights.  My parents took my brother and I growing up and I loved it then.  Now I love loading up with our boys with a yummy holiday treat (hot chocolate) and driving through neighborhoods who participate in lighting with gusto.  Usually Deerfield in Plano.

Foot massages.  ohmygawdohmygawdohmygawd.  Is there anything better?  No.  No massage of any sort, anyway.  I found the BEST place, too.  I go pay $35 for a spa pedicure and get an hour and a half foot/leg rub.  It's ah-maze-ing. 

Painting.  I very rarely do it anymore.  I just don't have the time/stamina/energy any more.  But I do still love doing it.  It's stress relieving.  It makes me happy.

When one of the boys is sick.  Is that wrong?  Maybe.  But when they're sick they're so cuddly.  They just want to lay next to you and be sweet.  And I like taking care of them, quite frankly.  I hate it that they don't feel good, but I love it that they've slowed down enough to just want to be near me.  I say that now, but when they are actually sick, I'd give my left arm to make them feel better.  ::shrugs::

Terrible, terrible movies.  Bad acting, crappy graphics and story lines that don't make sense and have holes that would make a pin cushion jealous.  I love it.  Mega Pirana.  Ice Spiders.  Sharktopus.  All great examples of the awesomeness of which I speak.  All from the Syfy channel.  Hmmm...

The Weepies.  I love the melencholy of this.  I can slip into a zone of complete and absolute nothingness listening to the weepies.  And when life is as ::imagine me flailing my arms around:: as it is, sometimes that's really nice.

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