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Saturday, November 26, 2011

U... Usually I wait...

...but not this year.  I couldn't wait to put up my Christmas decorations.  I generally have a hard "day after Thanksgiving" rule, but ya know, I'm a grown woman.  If I want to enjoy my sparkly Christmas stuff an extra week, I will.  I put this stuff up and I take it down.  So I'll do so when I please.  Thus, the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving the Durbin halls were decked with all the joys of Christmas (manifested in glitter and lights).

Not a huge deal, right?  Except we had our family Thanksgiving at my house.  My parents, my brother and his partner Richard came over to have Thanksgiving lunch.  Thanksgiving feast... with my big Christmas center piece in the middle of the table, lol.  Luckily, I discovered they had ALL already decorated, too, and weren't offended by my inability to wait. 

I did everything early this year.  My shopping is 95% done and has been for weeks.  I just have a few small things left and I can just relax and enjoy the seasonal smells {Christmas scentsy and candles... YAY!}, the classic movies, and twinkly lights.  

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