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Saturday, November 26, 2011

V... Very Interesting Fish Tank Decorations

I got myself a 55 gallon fish tank.  Kind of random purchase, but I love fish tanks and this one was a steal of a deal so I did it.  I got some cute decorations and gravel and set up my tank for some new fishy friends.  However, I had to let the tank cycle through the filter and let the bacteria supplement set itself, so I had to wait about 24 hours before I could add fish. 

This morning, Scott said he thought he saw some stuff floating around in it.  Dirt or whatever.  I blew it off.  We watched tv in the living room and Carter disappeared into the playroom for awhile.  I should mention this is where the tank is.  Carter playing/watching tv in the playroom is not uncommon.  It's typical, in fact.  So we didn't think twice about it. 

A bit later I went to check out the tank and what Scott might have been talking about with the stuff he claimed was floating around.  Well, whatever he saw escaped me.  But I certainly saw something in the tank.  Correction... some THINGS. 

Apparently, my wallet was within reach and Carter had access to the desk and several miscellaneous items. 

 Cash, change, spoon, mastercard, gift card, replacements for Christmas tree lights...

More cash, bowl, change...


tape dispenser, old ticket to Joel McCale, sock, ubs connection for my wireless keyboard, tank scrubber.

These don't even include what floated.  Things like his shoes, my Kroger rewards card, my insurance card 3 packages of baby wipes, a stuffed pokemon toy, etc.

It was an interesting morning.

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