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Monday, December 05, 2011

W... Wild nights are calling

My Bunco group, which meets once a month, had a surplus in our $$ pool.  So we decided to use that money to do some sort of group bonding activity.  Thanks to Groupon, we scored $5 tickets to Movie Studio Grill.  Yay!  Last Friday we all meet after work for drinks and dinner at Blue Goose then headed over for our movie.  I'll get back to that second part in a second.

I arrived first with Jenn showing up with her girls shortly after.  Her husband was coming to pick them up from the restaurant later.  I love her little girls!  Mia is SO funny and Lila is absolutely adorable.  I jokingly convinced Mia to ask her daddy to take her to get lobster when he picked her up.  If you'd seen the amount of chip and queso and tortillas this child put away, you'd understand that I assumed this kid could not, in ANY WAY, eat anymore.  I was wrong, lol.  Jenn and I got a text after Dave came and got them.  It was a picture of Mia and her dinner plate.  A giant lobster, lol.  You're welcome. 

Anyway, there were margaritas and shots and funny dinner conversation until it was time to go. 

At that point we left to see our movie.  I want to preface this with the statement that there were almost ZERO appealing options.  I arranged a vote.  I bought tickets to the movie that was voted by everyone. 

Jack and Jill.


Yes, this Adam Sandler gem...

I hope think the idea (because I didn't vote for this, lol) was that it'd be so dumb and terrible, it'd be funny.  I wasn't convinced.  I ordered MORE drinks.  It was 8 o'clock.  I'd been drinking for a long time at this point and I still thought I'd need more. 

But... I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh.  Against my better judgement, be it the alcohol or whatever, I laughed.  A couple of times.  It was predictable and stupid.  Duh.  But there was several off the wall dumb things that made me chuckle.  Random surprise, Al Pachino is in that movie.  Um... yeah.

Afterward, Krista and Sarah twisted my arm and convinced me to go back to Blue Goose for a night cap.  There were MORE drinks.  The night included odd conversations with strangers and singing, full out singing and snapping, and at one point Sarah was hasseling the male bartender to the point we thought he might cry, lol. 

Fun Friday... YES!  :)

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